Whether moving your business in or out of Winnipeg, or Province of Manitoba, RE/MAX professionals can help you! With just a click of a mouse, we can find the right sales professional in another city, province, country or continent!

If you are moving your business into Winnipeg, a surrounding community or anywhere within the province of Manitoba, we can help! A RE/MAX professional sales person can courier a Relocation Package to your door at your request to begin your relationship. Upon receiving the Relocation Package, you can contact your RE/MAX professional sales person via email or by our toll free line to begin the sales / education process! RE/MAX professionals is proud to call Winnipeg, Manitoba home and we look forward to ensuring you and your business a friendly Manitoba buying experience!

A Continent-Wide Referral Network
The tremendous growth of RE/MAX professionals means added service to clients and customers everywhere.

Throughout the RE/MAX Referral System – the most effective service of its kind – RE/MAX professionals Associates are able to help real estate customers who are moving to a new area find the right commercial space before they relocate.

At the same time, the RE/MAX Referral System provides a new source of commercial buyers for listing clients. People like you, who expect the maximum in service from RE/MAX professionals.


Why not let us help you find a commercial space suited to your specific needs. Our Sales Associates will keep an eye out for properties meeting your criteria. If we find one, we will contact you. This service is free from obligation and to register with us will only take a minute.

Call or e-mail RE/MAX professionals to speak with a Sales Associate today!